Imagine what solutions designed to mitigate profit compression and time to market would look like.

Imagine: An auction CR with consistent high res photos pushed to the buyers website before it leaves the auction lot, the second they buy it

Imagine: Owning your own uberized logistics platform that enables the missing link to true digital retail, logistics that you, your sales team and the customer all have digital retail delivery leveraging your own sales team and drivers

Imagine : Having a uberesque platform you control that leverages auction drivers and 4,000 RoadRunner drivers and flatbed assets, plus the ability to add local trusted sub contractors, and when needed outside car haulers with an embedded guaranteed condition report/bill of lading at your disposal 24/7

Imagine: An agnostic instant guaranteed used car invoice that shows your customer what the trade insurance underwriter has allowed you to trade any car

Imagine no more. Any auction or Dealer holding these cards, The BLackWidow, RoadRunner drive and inspections, MADE Logistcs agnostic transport and reconditioning platform, Accu-Trade instant cash offer, trade insurance, equity calculator, real time market data, book aggregator, guaranteed Universal Condition Report..... tops the entire deck.

Welcome to the, commoditization of any VIN, the Zillow of VINs, The VIN-Dow

Robert Hollenshead, Founder of Accu-Trade and R. Hollenshead Auto Sales
Why rely on others to help promote your products when you can promote them yourself. The Black Widow has given us the tools to get professional exterior and interior photos of our inventory online in some cases the same day we received the vehicle. Along with professional photos, reduced time to get the photo's online, we are paying ourselves to take the photo's once the PDI has been completed generating revenue for the service department as well... it's a game changer!
Mark Mercer, Sales Manager, St Louis Autogroup

This is what the future of dealership imaging looks like.

El Patronn, General Manager, Brooklyn Mitsubishi

This is some incredible product. Imagine as a process in the appraisal with a guaranteed price, condition report, to push to market or use as the ultimate closing tool or in the service drive on every unit. Can you say “forget about it?” Transparency on steroids. Process of processes.

Robert Hollenshead, Founder of Accu-Trade and R. Hollenshead Auto Sales

Easy setup. Great team. Immediate support. Going to be great to work with.

George Peterson, Sunset Honda

These guys are cutting edge with an abundance of tech made simple.

Bob Brady, Bob Brady Auto Group

We made the switch to the Black widow System in spring of 2018. Our 3rd party vendor was slow, the photos were sloppy, and they looked just like the photos of our competitors. Now, our photos stand out, especially on 3rd party sites and our customers tell us our inventory looks spectacular!

David Scism, General Manager of Sam Scism Auto Group

Professional, knowledgeable, speedy installations and able to work in a busy environment. This product is soon to be the industry standard.

Warren Waugh, Lyon Waugh Auto Group

It seems simple... too simple. It isn't. It takes a process that puts a vehicle on our website, stocked in with both photos and interior 360 views within hours of being on the lot. It starts with stocking vehicles in and ends with porters completing the process. We have partnered with 3i to implement their program to achieve our goals. This comprehensive program is more than cameras and videos, more than window stickers. This program is process driven to ensure winning results. Our customers spend more time at our site, more time on vehicle display pages and we are averaging almost double the lead conversion that before the 3i program was implemented. Perhaps the best part is that with our sales volume the program pays for itself, saves us money, and increases sales.

Michael Feinstein, General Manager, St Louis Kia