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We strategically setup every auction with the best possible floor plan, making the photo taking process for your inventory easier than ever.

Auto Auction of Montana

Auctions are finding Black Widow invaluable when tackling the challenges of imaging 1,000s of vehicles quickly and efficiently while remaining consistent. The other crucial side of the equation is getting photos onto the web rapidly. Here is Steve Gertsch from Auto Auction of Montana on how Black Widow excels in all these key areas at his auction.

Followup Testimonial:
Auto Auction of Montana

Auto Auction of Montana has been utilizing our drive thru virtual photo studio for five months now! Take a look at what their marketing director, Steve Gertsch, has to say about Black Widow Imaging.

Auction Sale Photos

Using 'original' images for the auction sale creates transparency for the dealer/buyer, viewing the actual vehicle staged in your auction lane.

Optional - Enhanced Wholesale to Retail Photos

Once a vehicle is sold, the dealer/buyer has the ability to purchase enhanced images from the auction. These photos are customized with the dealer's logos and loaded directly to their website before the vehicle leaves the auction lot!

Results Old vs New

Clean, consistent photos with interior 360° views bring a whole new level of presentation to the auction experience for buyers.

Interactive 360° Interior View

The 360° camera creates a seamless, interactive view of your vehicle's interior.