How It Works

It's simple! Your porter scans the vin number, follows the on screen prompts, and the images are captured in minutes. Let your employees optimize their time with other things rather then spending hours taking photos of your inventory! UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE OF LISTING INVENTORY QUICKLY: Ask yourself this; Are you using a third party photo company that comes to your lot once a week, or even multiple times per week? Are they spending their time at your competition taking pictures? Does it take them days to upload your photos? Are you tired of seeing photos that don't have uniformity to the rest of your inventory? Do you see stock images on your site for days after new arrivals? If you answered YES to any of these questions, it's time to re-consider your imaging process. It's proven that listing inventory within 24 hours of arrival will increase leads, and in return...increase sales! Forget about paying your in-house photo employee higher wages, the Black Widow can be operated by almost anyone. Stop wasting time with 3rd party lot hopping photo companies. It's time to take control of your imaging process!